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5-HTP (fifty mg)   5-HTP ( fifty mg)
5-HTP (one hundred mg)   5-HTP ( one hundred mg)
Adapten-All   Adapten-All
AdreCor   AdreCor
Adren-All (60 count)   Adren-All
Allergzyme   Allergzyme
Allicillin   Allicillin
Appetite Control   Appetite Control
Avipaxin   Avipaxin
B- Supreme   B-Supreme
BalanceD   BalanceD
Betaine - Pepsin   Betaine - Pepsin
BioCleanse Powder   BioCleanse Powder
BioInflaMax-Berry   BioInflaMax Berry
Buffered C Powder   Buffered C Powder
C+BioFizz   C+BioFizz
Ca-6-Mg   Calcium 6 Magnesium
Calcium   Calcium Malate Chelate
supplements   Calm CP
Calm PRT   Calm PRT (120 count)
Calm PRT (60 count)   Calm PRT (60 count)
Candicid Forte   Candicid Forte
Cardio Complete   Cardio Complete
L-Carni clear liq.   Carni-Clear
Carnitine Snergy   Carnitine Snergy
Chromium Synergy   Chromium Synergy
Coenzyme Q10   Coenzyme Q10 (Q-Avail)
Comp   Complete Mineral Complex
Complete-Mineral-Complex   Complete Mineral Complex
CraveArrest   CraveArrest
Custom Blend Amino Acid Powder   Custom Blend Amino Acid Powder
Detoxification Packets   Detoxification Support Packets
DHEA 5mg   DHEA 5mg
Digestzymes caps   Digestzymes caps
DigestzymeV   DigestzymeV (replaced Ortho Digestyme)
DL-Phenylalanine   DL-Phenylalanine
DMSA   DMSA (has been replaced by Metatox
EndoTrim   EndoTrim
ExcitaCor   ExcitaCor (has been replaced by ZeniQuil)
ExcitaPlus   ExcitaPlus
FemGaurd   FemGaurd
Ferrochel (Iron)   Ferrochel
Foresterol   Foresterol
GABA (StressArrest)   GABA (StressArrest)
GI Revive   GI Revive
Glucosinolates   Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes Organic Broccoli Sprouts
GlucoSupreme   GlucoSupreme
IgG2000 Capsules   IgG2000 Capsules- Add to cart not available- Please call office
IgG2000 Powder   IgG2000 Powder- Add to cart not available- Please call office
Immuno-Care-(-)   Immuno-Care (+)
InflammaCORE   InflammaCORE
Inositol Capsules   Inositol Capsules
Inositol Powder 250g   Inositol Powder 250g
Intestinal Repair Complex- Pdr   Intestinal Repair Complex- Pdr
Intestinal Repair Complex-caps   Intestinal Repair Complex-caps
Iodoral   Iodoral
Isocort   Isocort
Kavinace   Kavinace
L-Glutamine Capsules   L-Glutamine Capsules
L-Glutamine pwdr   L-Glutamine pwdr
L-Serine   L-Serine
L-Taurine   L-Taurine
L-Theanine   L-Theanine
Lipoic Supreme   Lipoic Supreme
Mag. Malate Chelate   Magnesium Malate Chelate
Metabolic Synergy   Metabolic Synergy
MetaFiber   MetaFiber
Mineral RX   Mineral RX- Add to cart not available- Please call office
MSM-900-Capsules   MSM 900 Capsules
MSM Plain Powder   MSM Plain Powder
MSM Raspberry Powder   MSM Raspberry Powder
N-Acetyl-Cysteine   N-Acetyl-Cysteine
Natural Vitamin E   Natural Vitamin E
NK-Stim   NK-Stim
Norlox Caps 60   Norlox Caps 60
Nuvoxil (120 count)   Nuvoxil
Olive Leaf Extract   Olive Leaf Extract
Omega Marine Liquid   Omega Marine Liquid (has been replaced by OmegAvail Marine TG)
Omega Pure 600   Omega Pure 600 (has been replaced by Omega 3.6.9 Emulsion)
OncoPLEX   OncoPLEX-- Add to cart not available- Please call office
OptiCleanse GHI   OptiCleanse GHI- Add to cart not available- Please call office
Optifiber   Optifiber- Add to cart not available- Please call office
Oral hCG Homeopathic   Oral hCG Homeopathic
OrthoBiotic Capsules   OrthoBiotic capsules
Orthobiotic Powder   OrthoBiotic Powder
Oxitrol-(Antioxidants)   Oxitrol -Antioxidants( Has been replace with Resvoxitrol)
PaleoCleanse   PaleoCleanse
PaleoFiber   PaleoFiber
PaleoGreens - Lemon/Lime   PaleoGreens - Lemon/Lime
PaleoMeal   PaleoMeal
PanXyme PH   PanXyme PH- Add to cart not available- Please call office
Phosphatidyl Serine   Phosphatidyl Serine
Plant Digestive Enzymes   Plant Digestive Enzymes
Potassium (K-2)   Potassium (K-2)
Pregnenolone   Pregnenolone
Prostate Supreme   Prostate Supreme
Querciplex   Querciplex
SamE   SamE
SereTone   SereTone
Stellar C   Stellar C
Sterol 117   Sterol 117
Sublingual Methyl B-12   Sublingual Methyl B-12
Thermo Max   Thermo Max
TravaCor   TravaCor
Tryptophan   Tryptophan
Twice Daily Multi-Vitamin   Twice Daily Multi-Vitamin Capsules
Twice Daily Mult-Packets   Twice Daily Multi-Vitamin Packets
Tyrosine Capsules   Tyrosine Capsules
Ultimate Viral Defense   Ultimate Viral Defense (has been replaced by Humacel)
Ultra Greens pH*   Ultra Greens
Ultra Meal Whey   Ultra Meal Whey
UltraInflamX   UltraInflamX
UltraLean Body Composition   UltraLean Body Composition
UltraLow-Carb Food Bar   UltraLow-Carb Food Bar
VegiZyme   VegiZyme
Vitamin D Supreme (5000 IU)   Vitamin D Supreme(5000 IU)
Vitamin-K2-with-D3   Vitamin K2 with D3
Whey Cool Protein Powder   Whey Cool Protein Powder
Xylitol   Xylitol
Zinc Supreme   Zinc Supreme

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