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Foresterol contains Reducol a phytosterol mixture not from soy but from non-GMO tall oil from the coniferous pine tree. Reducol has significant LDL cholesterol lowering properties as evidenced by research and years of clinical use, so much that the FDA allows cholesterol lowering claims for plant sterols. Foresterol consists mainly of the 4 major phytosterols: beta-sitosterol, campesterol (in the free sterol form, not as sterol esters) and campestanol, sitostanol

90 caps
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Carnitine Snergy
Carnitine Snergy
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L-Carnitine is essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism by transporting fatty acids to cells as fuel. In addition to carrying fat, it helps to decrease cravings for carbohydrates. L-Carnitine is naturally present in the body and is especially concentrated in the heart and muscle tissue. People who are insulin resistant with "burned out" adrenal glands, have carbohydrate cravings, follow a strict vegetarian diet or have heart disease may want to supplement with L-Carnitine.

120 caps
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